South of Jericho is a novel based on a true story that pulses with a storyline rooted more in fact than fiction, pointed details that only someone like “Ziki Barak” could know fill this book, from the attempted capture of 23 ex-Nazi scientists, planning for the terrorists a germ-biological attack on Israel that could spread throughout the world, to a car chase in the backstreets of Baghdad behind KGB agents involving a Swiss banker, an Arab nuclear plant, to a threatened to be stolen Russian super MiG fighter plane;
The action is unrelenting and unmistakably…real.”
The Tel-Aviv Review and Haaretz English Edition

“Absorbing and powerful—riveting, romance and the shadowy world of covert intrigue, terrorism, Israel’s secret operatives, and the superpowers.
A glimpse of Mossad, and the unforeseeable future…You are in the heart of the action.”
Publishers Critic Review

“Memorable….suspenseful—you cannot put it down…hidden secrets
that affect us all”
The Journal of Books in Print

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ISBN 0-9773239-0-0 Trade paperback $14.95
ISBN 0-9773239-1-9 Hardcover            $19.69

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