Israeli Author—Jonathan “Ziki” Scharf—
Based on a true story

Ziki Barak hunts terrorists for a living—unless Mossad has him doing other things. He works for Mossad, one of the world’s most feared and respected intelligence agencies.

Nothing and no one will stand in the way of his loyalty. No one, except:

1. The mesmerizing Gavriella Ramon, an American operative who captures Ziki’s heart. Unbeknownst to him, she sympathizes with the terrorists' causes. She betrays him when she informs PLO’s Black September of an oncoming Israeli raid.

2. A continuous affair with Ziki has its effect on Gavriella—she ‘sees the light’. At Mossad’s directive she joins PLO’s El Fatah, is trained by them in a terrorist training camp and then…? Well you have to read the book.

3. General Gheorghy Zhukov, the Russian Bear, learns of “The Samson Option”— Mossad uncovered Russian plans to attack Israel alongside their Arab friends in the upcoming Middle East war.

4.The Israelis respond by testing two nuclear bombs in the Indian Ocean off the South African coast. It is a direct threat aimed at the Russians. Israel has enabled Jericho missiles capable of reaching Moscow. They commence the countdown for —“The Samson Option,” “if we're going to be wiped out by a super power-we are going to take you with us.”

The Middle East brings the U.S. and the Russians to the threshold of nuclear war.
In a Geneva pow-wow, the Americans try to smooth things over with some very upset Russians.

5. Ziki Barak seeks the terrorist masterminds: Sabri Al Banna, his nom de guerre-Abu Nidal, Ali Hassan Salameh and others. He searches the shadows for these relentless killers who manage to stay one step ahead of him.

6. Ziki’s boss has not forgiven Gavriella; he orders Ziki to have her killed. Ziki must choose—does he risk everything to save her or…?

A powerful profile of Israeli Intelligence. A Mossad… hunt in a game with no rules.
Vivid details of Mossad's operations throughout the world.

South of Jericho is a novel based on a true story that pulses with a storyline rooted more in fact than fiction. Pointed details  that only someone like Ziki Barak could know fill this book, from the attempted capture of 23 ex-Nazi scientists, planning for the terrorists a germ-biological attack on Israel that could spread throughout the world, to a car chase in the backstreets of Baghdad behind KGB agents involving a Swiss banker and an Arab nuclear plant, to a threatened-to-be-stolen Russian super MiG fighter plane;
The action is unrelenting and unmistakably … real.

ISBN 0-9773239-0-0
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